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Tyrel + Jaclyn

Tyrel Derrick


Owner of Derrick Realty LLC


 Hi my name is Tyrel Derrick. It is nice to meet you virtually. Hopefully it can be in person soon! Being born and raised in northern Idaho, I love calling this area my home. My wife and I enjoy visiting local restaurants, breweries, and really any spot with food. Ask or call me just to talk basketball, I never turn down a good sports take.


 After three years at Wheaton College, I had the opportunity to come back and teach study support at Lakeland High School. This was the best sales experience! Every day was a chance to unveil conviction and build motivation for my students. Also, with an internship at RR Donnelley in college, and an internship at Northwestern Mutual sales across companies has been integral.


 With a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics from Lewis Clark State College, my passion is building a reputable company with a high degree of knowledge of our local market. Whether it be a Comparative and Historical Market Analysis or deciphering complex analytical data, the hope is to add more comprehension to our transaction. Lastly, I do not know the answer to every question you may have, but there isn't a phone call or resource I won't examine until I have an answer back for you!


At Derrick Realty LLC, the motto is COMMUNITY FOR YOU! By this, the hope is to be able to facilitate meaningful contact and connections with those all around Kootenai County, and eastern Washington. Through conversations and a growing relationship, the goal is for your circle to get just a little bigger for you and your family. To Derrick Realty, community means forming connections where a phone call is never a burden. The hope is to serve in unique ways outside of Real Estate in a personal way.

Even when I traveled all the way to Wheaton College in Chicago, to play college basketball, I knew North Idaho would always be home. There truly is no place like the PNW. I look forward to now serving as a realtor in idaho to those who helped serve me.

Whether being in the schools, the restaurants, the stores, and small businesses - I found comfort wherever I went. I am looking forward to helping those in my hometown area while leading with integrity, honesty, and generosity.


Derrick Realty LLC with best Idaho real estate agents strives to serve residential communities in Kootenai County and the Spokane Metro Area. This will be done by helping fellow, or future, community members purchase and sell their homes. By becoming a local expert on the housing market through market data and analysis, I will offer the local community with valuable information and important business connections.

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