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Breakfast Restaurants in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Pantheon of Breakfast in CDA, ID

(Well….Actually Just TOP 5)

Lists beget more lists. Usually, when someone embarks on the arduous task of producing any top 5 list,  the first manner of business is to google the “top things of which you are creating the list for”.

I find this personally abhorrent. Most often anything left off the lists you researched never makes it on your own list. The implicit bias is in the research.

Therefore, I choose to deploy my favorite method of analysis. I choose to rattle off my own opinions with absolutely no regard for what is objective, blazing into the Sun with my preference alone.

If you are not from our area (when I say “our”, I consider myself a pillar of this community, without me it would tumble to the ground immediately) I would strongly suggest adhering to this list.

My ability to evaluate a breakfast restaurant is second to none. My palette has been diligently crafted for this sort of thing since I was 11 months old eating whole strips of bacon and 10 pancakes in one sitting.

If you are a local reading this, I just know more than you in this subject matter.

Plain and simple.

If you disagree, meet me at the corner of Sherman and 2nd (email me first though because I am probably slinging some pancakes doing more breakfast research than you).

5. Nosworthy’s Hall of Fame

Nosworthy's Breakfast Omelet

Nosworthy’s has the best atmosphere on this list. Walking into this hub is like walking into your dad’s man cave where the jerseys of Wade Boggs, Mark Rypien, and Wayne Gretzky are all hanging. At many points when I am stuffing my face full of eggs and potatoes I just find myself staring at all the awesome memorabilia.The food is in overwhelming generous portions, and the staff is amazing. As a result, this is a great breakfast spot to have the real CDA feel, and an awesome way to start off the Top 5.

Nosworthy’s is like Charles Barkley in ’92.

It always puts a smile on your face, while at the same time performing at the highest level. Jordan still should have won MVP that year and was the best player on the face of the planet, but it was Barkley’s charisma and unrelenting force which propelled him to the top. Nosworthy’s has that charm and ability to really hit the spot on any given occasion.

Inside Nosworthy's Hall of Fame

Learn more about Nosworthy’s below:



4. Belle’s Brunch House

Belle's Coffee
Belle’s Fancy Coffee!

Belle’s Brunch House, is the most artisan restaurant on this list. It has a “White Woman’s Instagram” kind of feel (Thanks Bo Burnham for the song depicting this ideal perfectly). Surprisingly, I really enjoy the open space, and earth tones of the setting. Unquestionably, my favorite item on the menu is their “Fancy Coffee”. This is a must order each time I go. I usually judge heavily on how a restaurant is able to cook potatoes (this is IDAHO!), and Belle’s always has the crisp you are looking for. If you don’t know what you are in the mood for when you go, I would say you never go wrong with their Breakfast Bowl’s.

Belle’s is like Kyrie Irving in the 2016 finals.

No one had a more beautiful game in basketball than Kyrie at this time, including Steph Curry who was other worldly this year. Kyrie could do things with the ball which would mesmerize the crowd and opponents. Important to note, this was pre-philosophical Kyrie and way easier to handle off the court. Belle’s is like this. The artistry will dance in front of you captivating your attention. No one other than Lebron James outshone Kyrie in this final, and this is Belle’s at this moment. The only hope is can it keep it’s consistency just like Kyrie. We saw him do it for a finals, and it was one of the greatest performance ever, now we need to see it consistently for the long term. Only time will tell.

Belle's Brunch House

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3. Chomper Cafe

Chomper Cafe

Chomper Cafe is where you take family. This is northern Idaho breakfast at it’s finest. Stepping into the building is like stepping into a country farmhouse. With one big open room, it feels like you are being served at a family reunion. The chicken fried steak is delicious and their gravy jumps out as a heavy favorite.

Also, the fresh jam they always have sitting on your table really ties it all together. GREAT POTATOES!

Chomper is the Celtics in 86′.

This is one of Bird’s best seasons and the team was the best passing team ever to play. Bird would still go out and get you 30 points a night if needed, but there was so much talent in McHale, Parish, Ainge, Walton, Johnson etc. that he could rely on those guys as well. Chomper Cafe, can absolutely go out and serve up the dishes which will get you 30, but really the beauty of the place is the surrounding cast. Whether it is the jam, to the gravy, to the atmosphere, and the staff this is really one of the greatest teams assembled.

Chomper Cafe

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2. Le Peep

Le Peep

BREATHTAKING VIEWS! There is not a better spot to enjoy a mimosa, eat a fresh cinnamon roll and overlook the Spokane River than Le Peep. Very close to the heart of Coeur d’Alene, and in the beautiful development of Riverstone this is an awesome spot to take a walk around before even heading inside.

However, don’t think the view is the only thing which will take your breath away – the FOOD is excellent. It has some of the best French Toast anywhere. I would put it up against any other I have had. There really isn’t anything bad to say about this restaurant. The only reason it isn’t #1 on my list is it is more expensive than all the others for bang for your buck (Still reasonable!). The staff is amazing and whether you are inside or outside this really is a place you must visit if you want some quality breakfast!

Le Peep View

Le Peep is the Lakers in 82′.

Pat Riley at the helm, Magic leading the point, and Kareem in the post. It was if God handed them this championship just based on the roster alone. This team played fast, up and down, and with West Coast finesse. They beat you with speed, talent, and charisma (minus Kareem who seemed to take pleasure in torturing the media). Le Peeps has the sex appeal of Riley with the stunning view out on its patio and large floor to ceiling windows. The food and the presentation isn’t bulky, instead a finesse and lightness which graces each plate. Lastly, it has consistent greatness just like Kareem and Magic, consistently when you show up putting on a show which doesn’t disappoint.

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1. The Garnet Cafe

Garnet Cafe

A surprise superstar to those who don’t already know. For the outsider coming into the area, the Garnet Cafe is not one which will jump out to you with curb appeal and breathtaking views. And that is just how we like it! Walking in, the first thing you will feel is like you are going over to your aunt and uncle’s house for breakfast. You sit down, not sure what to expect, order, and then BOOM the most wonderfully delicious food you will ever eat. From the burritos, to the potatoes, to the omelettes this is food which never disappoints.

I talked a little about consistency up above, and the Garnet Cafe is consistently the best breakfast in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho without a doubt.

The Garnet is Jordan in 84′.

Everybody who knows an ounce of basketball knows Jordan is the best to ever do it (Lebron fans I swear I will kick you in the shins if you come at me). People who didn’t believe in this 2-guard from UNC out of the draft would pick Hakeem and Bowie before him. They found out very quick how good this ‘Mike’ Jordan was. In 84′ he dominated defenses as a rookie. No one expected this. In the same way, The Garnet is something you don’t expect. Immediately, the moment you see it and experience it you get the hype. You find out very quick how the Garnet is going to be the best to do it. All you have to do is go.

Garnet Cafe

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Thank you for Reading and I will have another Top 5 SOON!!!


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