Get the House Ready

Once you’ve chosen your list price and your Realtor® has put your home on the market, you need to get it ready to show… and quickly. If you’ve priced it correctly, buyers will want to see it.

But where do you start?

Clean it. Top to bottom, side to side. Your home should be immaculately spotless.

That’s a tall order, especially with kids, pets or messy spouses, but if you want to get the best possible price for your home, you need to impress buyers with its squeaky-clean appearance. Dingy grout, dirty sidewalks and stained carpet distract potential buyers, and they can send even the most interested parties packing. If potential buyers think that you haven’t bothered to clean your home from top to bottom when you show it, what else will they think you’ve neglected to do?

There’s more, though.

Clear the Clutter

Potential buyers want to envision their things in your space. They don’t want to see your treasured knickknacks, your family photos or your most eccentric art. Take down all of your personal items, including anything that buyers could construe as polarizing or controversial, so that you make it easy for buyers to move in.

Furniture counts, too. The less furniture you have in your rooms, the bigger they’ll look.

Make Your Existing Space Look Smarter

Organize your closets, cupboards and cabinets. Buyers will certainly open them, so use that as a subtle (but very effective) selling point. Put your spice jars in alphabetical order, make sure you’ve lined up the coffee mugs with all the handles facing the same way, and organize your closets by colors. Make sure to paired and lineup all the shoes neatly, as well.

If you show potential buyers that you take care with your belongings, they’ll have a warm-fuzzy feeling about the way you’ve cared for the house, as well.

Hiring a Professional Home Stager

It’s not necessary for everyone to hire a professional stager, but they are excellent at ensuring homes show at their best. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, ask your Realtor for tips and tricks that will make the home more appealing to potential buyers.

Let’s Talk about Selling Your Tyrel Derrick Home

Call me at (208) 755-2222 or fill out our simple online contact form. I’d love to show you how we’ll aggressively market your Tyrel Derrick home and do our best to get you the best possible price.

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