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5% commission realtors don't do all we do to help you with selling real estate.

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We Bring Innovation At Discount Commissions

We have a Unique Service Position in the real estate industry that no one is using. Especially in the discount or cashback real estate segment.

We use 5D marketing; Google Earth, aerial 360, Matterport 3D and google street view.

We combine it with other virtual presentation tools. This has us bringing more buyers from farther away being able to "see" the property fully without having to  step into your home IRL "In Real Life."

It's this multi level approach added to what regular agents use that has you getting more than any other agent offers. Want to hear and see all we do at no obligation to you?


You need a strategy different than all the years before 2020. You need an agent and mortgage partner the has more reach and can work confidently in the virtual world.

Why not have access to marketing most don't have or even know exists AND save you money over the typical strategy? Setup a free strategy session where we listen to you with no obligation and see if we are a match. It's free, low key, highly informative and at the very least you leave knowing what you should expect when picking an agent.

Some Things To Consider

  • Open houses, offers and buyer needs have changed
  • Why not have access to more than just listing it on the MLS and typical services to sell your home.
  • On a $1.2 Million home you list for sale you would get first to market marketing and after it's all over cash back of $22,000.00
Coeur d'Alene Homes For Sale

Buyers? Be 1st to see & 1st to offer!

Learn about the new age of real estate and how to expect everything including cashback!


2020 has changed the real estate market. Here are just a few things you will learn from our call

Photos, Video, Aerial and 3D.

Studies show quality photos and videos get buyers to look longer. Aerial 360 show them the property in a way that nothing else can. 3D marketing has them feeling the property so much that many become ready to place an offer. In today's market of buyers placing offers and not getting it these marketing techniques done right get you there first as our buyer and getting more offers as our seller. Learn ALL we do that the others don't!

Derrick Realty LLc sold

Agent offerings; Just because you pay more doesn't mean you get more.

Most agent take the basic photos, post in the MLS and  a few social media sites and have an open house (which are no longer as effective). They don't know how to make things viral, reach buyers that will offer yet live 3,000 miles away. We do.


The latest attack on FSBO (For Sale By Owner) 26%

Go on Tiktok or other social media and you will see post after post saying "did you know that if you don't have an agent represent you you get 26% less?"

Do you know 72% of full commission agents don't do all that we do?

So doesn't it make sense to get high end representation AND save money getting more cash back in the end?

It's not what you know

It's what you and the agent you are thinking of using doesn't know from changes in 2020 that could cost you thousands!

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