We believe here at Derrick Realty, a two step process to listing your home is the only fair way to make sure:

  • The fit is right
  • An accurate representation of your home can occur

This is a BIG deal, the sale of your house! Therefore, we believe it deserves taking the time necessary to ask questions, see the property, and do our due diligence. See below for the Pre-Listing Packet, and an example of our listing packet.


Things to Consider
This area will go over many aspects you the seller should be prepared for. Remember this area is to provoke thought. WE will be able to answer and assist in the more advanced situations a seller might face.
General issues you the seller should review.


Setting the sale price
Setting the list price of your home is the most important step in your sale. Set too low, you lose money, but set too high and your home will not sell!


Preparing your home
A well presented home will sell faster and for a larger amount than one that is not presented properly. An agent will understand how to sell your home for the best price possible.


Listing and advertising your home
What does it mean to be in the MLS and how does it help? Is it better to try to sell your home by yourself or list with a local agent. These reports will attempt to shed light on this important issue.


Making the sale and picking an offer
What should you do if you have several offers? Should you pick the first offer or wait for a certain period of time for more offers


Closing on your home
There is much to know when it comes to closing and closing costs. Is the the buyer's, seller's, or both party's joint responsibility to sell pay these costs? What are points and how do they affect your monthly payments?


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