Setting the Stage Sells Your Home

As a seller, you want the best possible price for your home. You’re not going to get that if prospective buyers don’t want to spend time exploring, so real estate professionals have a little trick up their sleeves: home staging.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is part science, part art. Using techniques that allow potential homebuyers to envision their belongings in your home and encouraging them to imagine the possibilities are two tactics that carry a lot of weight.

A successful home staging makes your home look as attractive and inviting as possible, which lets buyers give themselves permission to fall in love with it.

Setting the Stage Sells Your Home

You never get a second chance at a first impression, and that’s even true when you’re selling your home. The first thing potential buyers will notice is the way your home’s exterior looks, so spend some time sprucing it up. Pick up twigs, rake leaves, re-seed worn patches on your lawn and power-wash the driveway.

You’ll also need to remove any clutter. Remember, you’re used to the way your home looks… but buyers aren’t. They want to think about what their stuff will look like on the walls, in the cabinets and in the closets, so minimize as much as you can.

Make repairs wherever possible. Minor maintenance issues, such as dripping faucets or burned-out lightbulbs are easy fixes, so you should address them before you start showing your home.

Clean your carpets and make sure that there aren’t any lingering pet odors. Make use of baking soda—it really is great at absorbing smells that could be offensive to visitors.

Put out your best towels, fluff the pillows on the bed, and stash the toothbrushes in the cabinet. You want your home to look comfortable and inviting, but not necessarily like you live in it.

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